ĀNIMA brings people together around the idea of doing good for ourselves, for others and for the earth.



We activate the good in all of us through real, positive, impactful projects and services that benefit all people and the planet.

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Connecting the good


We connect people across the world to each other’s good to help them live their best life.

We believe this is the easiest, fastest and most effective way of bettering our world, one act of good at a time. 

Use Business to do good

Using our network of good, we help direct businesses and institutions towards better ways to use their money, time and efforts. We want to have a lasting impact. The way that we can do that is by connecting the right business to their perfect act of good, where all parties involved can benefit.

Everyone can do good

We are all capable of doing good. A person’s material conditions do not determine their ability to give or receive good.

We believe doing good is a beneficial connection that moves in both directions. Everyone has something to bring to the table.




What starts as a small act of good ends up changing an entire community for the better.


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Connecting students to good

By connecting different worlds, we are opening up the possibility for students to learn from each other.

Connecting to indigenous voices

By learning from indigenous peoples, we can find sustainable solutions for the problems that have arisen from our current disconnect from nature.

Connecting Women to good

As part of our women empowerment initiative, we are connecting a group of women in Mexico to a group of women in the Netherlands.



Understand global and local issues that affect us all through editorials and deep-dives. Learn how to be part of the solution.

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