The Origin of ĀNIMA Mundi

There’s something that connects humans to each other and to nature. It’s not just the fact that we all live on earth; it runs deeper than that.

Think about the energy you feel when cheering for your favourite sports team at a stadium game, or while dancing to your favourite music at a concert. It’s that same feeling you get at the summit of a hike, as you’re admiring the mountain you just climbed.

Philosophers have tried to describe that feeling, referring to it as the “soul that energizes all life in the universe.” This feeling–this energy–is ĀNIMA Mundi. When we increase our consciousness, we tap into that energy.

ĀNIMA Mundi literally translates to the “soul of the world,” ĀNIMA is what connects us all to each other. We all have this soul in us, no matter how different we might be.

Because we are connected through ĀNIMA Mundi, every act of kindness, no matter how big or small, is good for you and also good for all of us.

Through ĀNIMA Mundi, we are all connected to each others’ good.


There are seven different actions to help you figure out the positive impact you can have. They are a give and take; when you give an act of good, you take one with you as well. It’s a mutually beneficial connection.

1 Affection – Doing good. Connect with people through direct action. Whether it is giving a hug or helping someone complete a task, affection can really light up someone’s day.

2 Support – Doing good. Providing help to someone in need is much more than making a donation. Volunteering for a cause or just helping out your neighbour lends much needed support.

3 Understanding – Different perspectives about good. Seek first to understand before being understood by leading with empathy rather than judgement. Learn from different perspectives to broaden your worldview.

4 Joy – Feeling good. Use your unique talents to provide a source of enjoyment to others. Or, simply, take a moment to be present in the beauty around you and smile.

5 Inspiration: Seeing good and taking action. Even the smallest action can inspire others. Look out for these actions and try to be that source of inspiration, too.

6 Knowledge – Learning about good. Share what you know with others and be open to learning from them, too. By sharing knowledge, you can enrich each others’ lives simultaneously.

7 Recognition – Seeing the good. Cherish everyone else’s success by recognising the good in them. Appreciate how you and others are changing the world around you in big and small ways.