Through connection, we are able to bring people together and make them more conscious of their impact on others and on the planet.

Acting as a blueprint for our project development, we have identified ways of doing good that activate a diverse array of skills in people. Rather than trying to have each person do the same kind of good, we help each individual find the way they contribute best.

We create networks of support inside communities by connecting people through acts of good. When something good happens to someone, they pay it forward by doing something good for someone else. We call this phenomenon “the ripple effect of change.” What starts as a small act of good ends up changing an entire community for the better.

The way this starts is with students. As the ripple grows, we connect their mothers to good. And as the ripple grows larger, we activate all of the other members of their community.

Connecting Students to Good

By connecting different worlds, we are opening up the possibility for both sets of students to learn from each other.

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Connecting Women to Good

Because women are so engaged with the communities that they live in, they are capable of passing on the good to just about anyone. They can help us identify gaps and bring people together in order to build strong networks of support.

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Connecting to Indigenous voices

The secrets to unlocking sustainable living aren’t actually secret. The answers are there, we’ve just been overlooking them.

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SDG GOALS reached with our projects

Our foundation helps create positive impacts by focusing on issues directly linked to 10 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

We are committed to helping the UN reach these goals and work towards a more equitable, just future for all people.





Connections made


Acts of good shared



How to support us

In order for us to keep these projects running and to offer help to as many people as we can, a solid basis of sufficient financial support is essential.

Support the ĀNIMA Foundation and help us keep making these unique connections across the world. Your donation is more than welcome and very appreciated.


The ĀNIMA Foundation was founded in The Hague, The Netherlands, in February 2021. Its board is made up of volunteers based in Mexico and the Netherlands. ĀNIMA also has many ambassadors who help us in different ways. In Mexico, the foundation employs a team of local people who work on maintaining various ‘Connection’ projects.

In order for us to keep these projects running, there are a few key recurring costs that we must cover. These include: ĀNIMA employee salaries, travel expenses to and from remote communities, research into culture and sustainability, gas, food and water, various expenses for local connections, intercontinental transport, electronics and teaching materials.