We all have the desire to do good.

But finding the time, figuring out what to do, what to read, who to trust or connect with… it’s overwhelming to say the least. That’s why we decided to create a curated platform that does all this work for you. We help connect you to your own way of doing good, on your terms.

ĀNIMA is an organisation focused on increasing consciousness through mutually beneficial connections between people and businesses.

We embark on real, positive, impactful projects that benefit all people and the planet. We understand the need for new and innovative ways to come together and solve problems. This is how we can make that happen. Through connection, we can create a common consciousness to rally behind: the desire to do ‘good’ together, today and everyday.

What’s your good for today?

We want to help people increase their own consciousness about the connection we all have with each other and the planet in order to build a better, more united tomorrow.

Through acts of good, we show people how to live their ‘today’ a bit more consciously than yesterday to positively impact their lives, the lives of others and our planet.



We connect people and businesses to each other's good to create a ripple effect of change. We believe this is the easiest, fastest and most effective way of bettering our world, one act of good at a time.


Using our network of good, we help direct businesses and institutions towards better ways to use their money, time and efforts. We want to have a lasting impact. The way that we can do that is by connecting the right business to their perfect act of good, where all parties involved can benefit.


The magic of doing good is that everyone is capable of it. A person’s material conditions do not determine their ability to give or receive good. We can all give and receive in our own way. Everyone has something to bring to the table.

Our Vision 

All people and the whole planet should benefit from doing good. 

Our Mission

We make doing good everyone’s daily business.


We are a fast-growing team from across the globe and from all different walks of life.

Though different, we are a group of people connected by a common goal: the desire to do good.

We aren’t reactionary, we are realistic. We simultaneously understand the state the world is in while carrying optimism about changing it for the better. Learning from others helps us figure out new ways of doing good and of gaining knowledge. We are always receptive to new ideas from others.

Rather than protesting or living off the grid, we are searching for pragmatic ways to affect change from within. There are enough people telling others how to live their lives. That’s not us. We understand that there are many ways of doing good, and each person’s unique skills can contribute to everyone’s wellbeing. We don’t patronise, we listen and learn.

We are the connection. We bring like minded people together on their journey and we let them do the talking for us.